Cortex: "Live in New York"

« It sizzles with a barely contained energy, one that has yet to be harnessed or become world-weary.» 
- 4,5 of 5 Stars from Mark Corroto, AllAboutJazz 


« The music is simultaneously heavy and agile, flowing as rushing river and receives the highest possible recommendation.»
- Tim Niland, Music and More


« The combo shows how it is possible to survey and digest decades of musical precedent and come up with something that feels lived rather than studied.»
4,5 of 5 Stars from Bill Meyer, Downbeat Magazines


"What Cortex serves us again is free, open, but yet melodically strong and unusually intense groovy music with a timeless label. We are talking hefty stuff!"
-Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen


"Cortex is killer! A solid dexterous with the free expression of jazz history, but with their eyes and energy faced forward."
- Chris Monsen, Klassekampen, 5 of 6 Stars.




” No Scandinavian group since Atomic has so powerfully addressed and remade the free jazz of the 60s like Cortex. In a country whose creative music scene is celebrated for its bold hybrids of disparate sounds, Cortex goes another way, embracing tradition in its own unique way, with a personality sketched out by the strength of Johansson’s indelible themes and four distinctive improvisational voices.” 

- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader
Cortex "Live!" 2014