Norwegian Trumpet player & Composer


“Few trumpeters in the past few years have knocked me out like Norway´s Thomas Johansson. Fiery and technically muscular, with a refreshingly holistic approach to improvised music, he can swing like mad or take it way out.”

- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader


This January, Scheen Jazzorkester recorded my commissioned piece «As We See It..» in Athletic Sound Studios in Halden, Norway! Sigurd Ytre-Arne was there with us, and made some great films of the session!

This first one, is «No Longer Gage», and it is the opening track of the upcoming record.

The record, called «As We See It…» is being released on Clean Feed Records in May, and we are doing a pre-release tour in Norway in April.

I am super happy with the result, and extremely proud of Scheen Jazzorkester and the high level of which these musicians perform! 

Huge thanks to Scheen Jazzorkester for wanting me to write music for them, and huge thanks to everyone involved with the record!!!


Poster by Petri Henriksson

Poster by Petri Henriksson

This week Cortex starts their Spring Tour 2018! Concerts stretching from Voss in Norway to Ljubljana in Slovenia! 

Tour Dates:
14.04: Voss Jazzklubb
18.04:  Kulturni Centar Mesnicka, Zagreb
19.04: Centro d`Arte, Padova, Italy
21.04:  In Situ Art Society, Bonn, Germany
22.04:  Klub Gromka, Ljubljana, Slovenia

After that the premier of "As We See It..." is due on the 26th of April, at Cosmopolite in Oslo. This is the first concert the commissioned work for Scheen Jazzorkester, and the first time the band is playing exclusively music i have written for an entire concert....!!!! 
I am really looking forward to the full rehearsals, and the concerts. The piece is called "As We See It.." and will also be presented at this years Kongsberg Jazz Festival! 


Poster by LAsse Marhaug

Poster by LAsse Marhaug

Tammtz Records 2018

Tammtz Records 2018


Upcoming Shows:

12.09: The Iron Cow, Orlando
14.09: iF Art Center, Columbia
15.09: The Black Iris, Richmond Cancelled!! 
16.09: Rhizome, WashingtonDC Cancelled!
17.09: The Niles Gallery, Lexington
18.09: Bop Stop, Cleveland
20.09: Elastic Arts, Chicago
21.09: Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor
22.09: James May North Gallery, Algoma, Wisconsin

Previous 2018:
14.04: Cortex @ Voss Jazzklubb
18.04: Cortex @ Kulturni Centar Mesnicka, Zagreb
19.04: Cortex @ Centro d`Arte, Padova, Italy
21.04: Cortex @ In Situ Art Society, Bonn, Germany
22.04: Cortex @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana, Slovenia
26.04: SJO "As We See It..." @ Cosmopolite, Oslo
27.04: SJO "As We See It..." @ Sardinen USF, Bergen
28.04: SJO "As We See It..." @ Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn
03.05: Pan-Scan Ensemble @ Nasjonal Jazzscene
04.05: Pan-Scan Ensemble @ Spor 5, Stavanger
08.05: Rosland/Johansson/Renvåg @ Folque, Skien
02.06: Cortex @ Nattjazz, Bergen
12.06: PNLLU @ Timucua, Orlando, Florida
13.06: PNLLU @ Venue TBA, Columbia, South Carolina
14.06: PNLLU @ Mill and Mine, Knoxville, Tennessee 16.06: PNLLU @ Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York
17.06: PNLLU @ Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia
18.06: PNLLU @ Venue TBA, Baltimore, Maryland
20.06: PNLLU @ Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio
21.06: PNLLU @ Elastic, Chicago, Illinois
22.06: PNLLU @ Elastic, Chicago, Illinois
23.06: PNLLU @ Venue TBA, Madison, Wisconsin
24.06: PNLLU @ Sugar Maple, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
05.07: Jon Rune Strøm 5 @ Kongsberg Jazzfestival
06.07: SJO "As We See It..." @ Kongsberg Jazzfestival
07.07: PNLLU @ Roskilde Festival
17.07: TJO&The MaXx @ Moldejazz
19.07: PNLLU XXL @ Moldejazz
03.08: PNLLU @ Alarme Festival, Berlin
10.08: PNLLU @ Bezau Beatz, Austria
13.08: SJO “As We See It” @ Arendalsuka
15.08: Pan-Scan Ensemble @ Blow Out Festival, Oslo