Norwegian Trumpet player & Composer


“Few trumpeters in the past few years have knocked me out like Norway´s Thomas Johansson. Fiery and technically muscular, with a refreshingly holistic approach to improvised music, he can swing like mad or take it way out.”

- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader



Fall is here, and lots of stuff is happening!

This week i am on tour with the great Scheen Jazzorkester! 
This is, for now, our final tour with the music of Audun Kleive, and
here is the tour list:

27.09: Kammersalen, Skien VGS
28.09: Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo
29.09: Friscena, Gjøvik Kultursenter
30.09: Tynset Jazzklubb

Cortex just released their next album, "Avant-Garde Party Music", and we are celebrating with a 10-gig tour in the United States starting next week!! 
The record can be bought on and it can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc. 

Tour List:
03.10: The Tambourine Lounge, Sturgeon Bay WI
04.10: Constellation, Chicago IL
05.10: Bop Stop, Cleveland OH
06.10: Trinosophes, Detroit MI
08.10: The October Revolution Festival, Philadelphia PA
10.10: NuBlu, New York City NY
11.10: Neptunes Parlour, Raleigh NC
12.10: If Art Gallery, Columbia SC
13.10: Petras Bar, Charlotte NC
16.10: CM5, Orlando, FL

My solo record is also coming, it is just a bit delayed due to some cutting issues on the LP. Hopefully ready by the end of november! 

Poster by petri Henriksson, photo by Kristinn Gudlaugsson

Poster by petri Henriksson, photo by Kristinn Gudlaugsson


Upcoming Shows:

13.01.17: Cortex @ Hadeland Jazzforum
16.01.17: Cortex @ Pøkk!, Trondheim
09.02.17: Friends&Neighbors @ Storyville, Molde
18.02.17: All Included @ Just Music, Wiesbaden, Germany
10.03.17: Cortex @ ArtActs, St.Johann, Tirol
28.03.17: Friends&Neighbors @ Skiensjazzdraget
29.03.17: Friends&Neighbors @ Jazz ao Centro, Coimbra
30.03.17: Friends&Neighbors @ Hot Club, Lisboa
31.03.17: Friends&Neighbors @ Hot Club, Lisboa
01.04.17: Friends&Neighbors @ Portalegre Jazzfest
04.04.17: Large Unit @ Alliance Française, Addis Abeba
05.04.17: Large Unit @ Teferi Mekonen College, Addis Abeba
06.04.17: Large Unit @ Hager Fekir Theatre, Addis Abeba
07.04.17: Large Unit @ Fendika Azmaribet, Addis Abeba
26.04.17: SJO @ Urijazz, Tønsberg
27.04.17: SJO @ Drammen Jazzklubb
28.04.17: SJO @ Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn
29.04.17: SJO @ Kilden Kulturhus, Kristiansand
26.05.17: Large Unit @ Nattjazz, Bergen
30.06.17: Cortex @ Grocka Garden Music Festival, Serbia
01.07.17: Cortex @ Jazzibar Festival, Kraljevo, Serbia
07.07.17: Pan Scan Ensemble @ Kongsberg Jazzfestival
09.07.17: Rodrigo Amado Northern Liberties @ Jazz no Parque, Porto
26.08.17: Cortex @ International Jazzfestival Saalfelden
22.09.17: Cortex @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam
27.09: Scheen Jazzorkester @ Kammersalen, Skien VGS
28.09: Scheen Jazzorkester @Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo
29.09: Scheen Jazzorkester @Friscena, Gjøvik Kultursenter
30.09: Scheen Jazzorkester @ynset Jazzklubb
03.10: Cortex @ The Tambourine Lounge, Sturgeon Bay WI
04.10: Cortex @ Constellation, Chicago IL
05.10: Cortex @ Bop Stop, Cleveland OH
06.10: Cortex @ Trinosophes, Detroit MI
08.10: Cortex @ The October Revolution Festival, Philadelphia PA
10.10: Cortex @ NuBlu, New York City NY
11.10: Cortex @ Neptunes Parlour, Raleigh NC
12.10: Cortex @ If Art Gallery, Columbia SC
13.10: Cortex @ Petras Bar, Charlotte NC
16.10: Cortex @CM5, Orlando, FL